Loans without credit record – personal loans immediately online

A long-held wish, a necessary purchase or a financial bottleneck – there are many reasons that can make a loan necessary. Sooner or later, many people find themselves in a situation from which only an instant loan can help.

So you are dependent on a loan without credit record . A few years ago it was extremely difficult to obtain a loan as a private individual and with a negative entry at credit record . However, numerous credit institutions now offer cheap instant loans online.


Loans without credit record are straightforward, though

Loans without credit record are straightforward, though

Loans without credit record are usually easy to apply for. Employees aged 18 and over can get a loan without credit record from many banks. In addition, borrowers must demonstrably have a regular income and live in Germany . The creditworthiness is not determined by credit record queries.

The biggest advantage of a loan without credit record , however, is the fact that the request is not registered with credit record . This prevents difficulties with possible future financing, for example in building a house or financing a new car.

Loans without credit record do not need to state the reasons. Such an installment loan can therefore be used freely. You may need the amount to reschedule other loans, use the installment loan to balance your checking account, finance a holiday, repair your car or replace broken household appliances.


Cash reputable and discreet

Cash reputable and discreet

Since the cash in this type of loan is sent neutrally by post with some providers and the installments are made by bank transfer or payment card, the house bank usually does not learn about the loan. Neither the employer nor any other lenders are informed about the instant loan. Since these loans have no impact on existing or planned loans, it is the perfect secondary loan.

But with all the advantages, you still have to be careful. On the one hand, it is important to find a reputable provider. Advice and quotation should always be free of charge. If high processing fees are due before financing has been paid out, this does not speak for the credibility of the lender.

As a borrower, you should urgently check whether an instant loan without credit record really needs to be. As a rule, loans with credit record are significantly cheaper and easier to process. This can be checked in advance by a private request from credit record. However, if you then think that you cannot get a loan, then an installment loan without checking the creditworthiness is appropriate.


Apply for a loan online without credit record?

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You can get an instant loan online very quickly. There are loan providers who offer relatively cheap loans. This type of online provider represents an innovative alternative to traditional banks. The conditions are often much cheaper because the running costs for online companies are lower and there are no expensive branches.

The self-employed in particular have the advantage that they receive an instant loan without the deposit of collateral. All borrowers benefit from low interest rates. So this is a cheaper alternative to small bank loans, where interest rates are generally very high.

No matter what type of loan you choose, it is always important to get enough information and compare many offers. The decisive factor should always be the APR, which includes all fees that are otherwise often overlooked. Then loans are relatively cheap even without credit record.